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Get ready to freeze away unwanted fat, and tighten and lift your surrounding skin! It's your turn to take control of your body. We have the perfect opportunity for you!

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Can you identify with any of these before and after photos?

We target pockets of fat and loose skin that diet and exercise alone won't change! 90% of our clients are targeting genetic and hormonal fat. You don't have to just "live with it" anymore!!!


-1 Cryo Slimming Permanent Fat reduction session ($350 value)


+ 1 Cryo Eye/Forehead Lift ($99 value)


+ 1 LED Red Light Therapy Session ($35 value).


Triple Bonus Upgrade Option:

*Clients who purchase a package same day (in addition to the Mission Impossible Promo) will ALSO receive


+ 1 FREE Fan Favorite Cryo Facial Face/Neck Lift (reg $250)


+1 $100 off voucher that will be applied to their same day package purchase


+ Unlimited Lymphatic Stimulation with slim sessions 


CryoSlimming and Toning Abdomen Paula fr
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Are you READY for a CHANGE???

Your Opportunity For Change Is Here!

$834 NOW $234  (72% off)

Are you tired of struggling with stubborn fat that just won't budge no matter how hard you workout or diet? Well, get ready to say goodbye to those unwanted bulges because we have the ultimate solution for you - CryoSlimming. 

  • Finally achieve the body of your dreams

  • Sculpt away those trouble spots

  • Permanently eliminate fat cells

  • Feel comfortable in your clothes again

  • Have a summer ready body

You deserve the right to change! Let's get you booked before the offer EXPIRES!

$834 NOW $234  (72% off)

Cryoskin LOGO.png

$834 NOW $234  (72% off)

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